The Audio Narration Add-On module allows your MakerBit projects to play audio (mp3 and wav files) even without a computer!

The add-on kit Includes:

1 mp3 player module

1 microSD card (128mb)

1 microSD-USB adapter

1 3w USB-rechargeable speaker

    (with USB and audio cables)

Retail Price: $24.95

Early Supporter & School Price: $19.95

Catalog #: 114

Not available in Canada

Audio Narration Add-On



With the touch sensors, you can make a "piano" where each sensor plays a different note.  Those notes can also be samples of any musical instrument.  You can find the instructions for that here.   With MakeCode, you can also program your own mp3 player device with multiple songs and albums.

Here is a holiday model created using LEDs and the mp3 player module to play different sound tracks when sensors in the model are touched.

Here  is a LEGO "Women of NASA" kit enhanced with LEDs and the audio narration kit to play different sound tracks when sensors in the model are touched.  This example was done with the HyperDuino, but the setup and results are the same for both the HyperDuino and the MakerBit.

Here is the Booo Book, an interactive book created by Nancy Smith, aka Aunt Goodiebags, using the MakerBit and the Audio Narration Add-on.