Interactive Maker Projects

with the MakerBit

Welcome to the MakerBit!

The tutorials below will take you through your first steps learning how to create Interactive Maker Projects

The MakerBit and the accessories that go along with it have been designed to make it as fun and easy as possible to create your own Interactive Maker Projects, and to learn something about how digital devices interact in the real world.

Here are two videos that give a good quick overview of how to attach touch sensors and LEDs, and then how to link web-based digital media to a project.

MakerBit Graphic Tutorial

(Volcano Tri-fold Project)

(pdf - 25 pgs)

Note: Some school networks do not allow access to external shared Google docs. If you find that the tutorial docs are blocked, you can alternatively use these pdf files:

MakerBit Tutorial, Part 1

MakerBit Tutorial, Part 2

Be aware that many of the hyperlinks within the document point to other places within the actual Google doc, and also other Google docs, so those won't work for you. However, the essential information that you would need is in the pdf.

Additional tutorials and resource materials are available on the MakerBit Resources page.

There are two options for the tutorial.  The first, with a minimum of explanatory text, is on the left and is a pdf of a graphic tutorial used in MakerBit workshops and makerspace activity tables at conferences and tech fairs.  On the right is the more detailed introduction to the MakerBit.

We very much welcome suggestions on improvements to even the smallest details, so we would love to hear from you!

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