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MakerBit Tally Light Kit

This kit includes everything needed for to build the "Tally Light" tutorial project.  After completing the tally light, you'll have learned enough to build many other projects using the BBC micro:bit and the MakerBit.

The Kit includes:

  1 MakerBit+R board

  1 BBC micro:bit version 1

  1 adhesive foam backing

  1 data-USB cable

  1 WiFi connection module (ESP-01S)

  2 Easy-connect multi-purpose (LED) cables

  1 Touch sensor easy-connect cables

  2 ea., red, yellow, green, blue LEDs


25 Touchpoints (for touch sensing) & post backs

  1 2-wire connector

  2 3-wire connectors for RGB pixel displays

  2 4-wire connectors, for LCD & WiFi module

  1 8x8 RGB LED matrix

  1 24-pixel RGB LED ring

  1 Hole-making tool for LEDs

  1 barrel-plug switch

  3 pairs of velcro dots

  1 20 character-by-4-line LCD digital display

  1 MakerBit screwdriver

  1 set of machine screws, washers, nuts for assembly

  2 zip ties to secure barrel-plug switch

  3 binder clips to secure ribbon cables

Retail Price: $175

After-Hours Special Offer Price: $125.00

(plus $10.00 shipping, U.S. only)

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