Below is a collection of links to documents helpful in the use of the MakerBit system.

You are welcome to copy, edit, customize, remix and distribute your own versions of these tutorials and other documents as may be useful in your particular classroom situation.

You may also find this page about educational standards helpful.

Activity 1b - Audio Narration

(optional with the Audio Narration Kit)

(pdf - 7 pgs)

Activity 1 - LEDs & Touchpoints

(Volcano Tri-fold Project)

(pdf - 8 pgs)

Activity Guides

The pdfs below are graphic tutorials to using the MakerBit.  They are also used in school workshops and makerspace events.   Many of them use the mini tri-fold volcano model, that you can download here.  It is printed on both sides of 110 lb index card stock paper that you can get here, and through other sources.

Technical Resources

Photos, Flyers and Other Resources

Activity 5 - Introduction to Robotics

Smart Car Activity

(pdf - 10 pgs)