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Supplemental Robotics Kit

This kit is for those who already have the MakerBit, and provides just the motors, wheels, and other components need to make a "smart car", or other motorized inventions.

Coding is done with the MakeCode block coding system.

Kit includes:

  2 geared motors

  2 wheels

  1 caster wheel

  1 9g servo

  1 3-wire connector for the servo

  1 4xAA battery box

  4 AA batteries

  1 HC-SR04 ultrasonic sensor

  1 IR sensor & remote control

  1 Grove connector cable for the SR04

  1 philipps/flat screwdriver

  1 set of assembly machine screws, washers, nuts.

  1 set of velcro-style adhesive circles

Retail Price: $44.95

Early Supporter & School Price: $34.95

The MakerBit and BBC micro:bit boards are sold separately.

Catalog #: 1403

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