MakerBit+R Board

(Does not include the BBC micro:bit)

This is the MakerBit that is designed for controlling motors (such as in robotics), servos, and easily connecting to sensors and actuators using the 3-pin connectors along the sides. It also has Grove-compatible connectors for digital I/O, analog, and I2C.  

Kit Includes:  

  1 MakerBit board

  1 adhesive foam backing

  2 LED rainbow ribbon easy-connect cables

  1 Touch sensor rainbow ribbon easy-connect cable

25 Touchpoints

  3 3-wire connecting cables.

  2 Grove-compatible connecting cables.

Retail Price: $39.95

Early Supporter & School Price: $34.95

Catalog #: 1201

“BBC” and “micro:bit” are trademarks of the BBC.

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