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Computer Science Discovery Kit

This kit includes everything from the MakerBit Starter Kit, plus everything needed for the computer science unit now in development.  This includes an LCD digital display, mp3 player module, temperature and light sensors, a motor, servo and more.

The Kit includes:

  1 MakerBit board

  1 BBC micro:bit

  1 adhesive foam backing

  1 data-USB cable

  2 Easy-connect multi-color LED cables

  2 Easy-connect cables with pre-attached LEDs

  2 Touch sensor easy-connect cables

12 each red, green, yellow and blue LEDs (48 total)

  6 Multi-color flashing LEDs


25 Touchpoints (for touch sensing) & post backs

  2 Photocell (light) sensors

  1 Temperature sensor

  1 Active buzzer (for alarms, Morse code)

  1 Passive buzzer (for musical tones)

  1 Pushbutton switches

  1 Hole-making tool for LEDs

  1 Practice "mini tri-fold" model

  1 9 volt battery & connecting clip

  1 9g servo

  1 Motor & propeller

  1 16 character, 2-line LCD digital display

  1 Mp3 player module, microSD card, speaker

  1 philipps/flat screwdriver

Retail Price: $175

Early Supporter & School Price: $149.95

Catalog #: 1405m